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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rural Ruins in Upstate NY 10/12/2008

While vacationing in Upstate NY, on a tip from my dad, I discovered this weird two story structure. To get to it, I had to go into an area that had signs warning of live fire in progress with guns etc...after standing on the side of the road for about 5 minutes and hearing no guns or people I choose to run across the field and up the hill to this building. There were no windows of any kind, just solid walls going up two stories and tapering to a point where at one time a roof must have been present. The entrance was a 2.5 foot wide 'doorway' that extended upwards almost the entire height of the structure. Not sure if this was a barn or storage building of some kind but it was different that's for sure. Once inside, I walked through weeds growing up between small cracks of scorched earth and burnt debris. All around were shell casings, ammo boxes and a few spent tear gas grenades. Thankfully no gun toting people came around while I was there :) Shot on a Nikon d300 with a Sigma 10-20mm 9 shot HDR's processed in Photomatix and adjusted in Photoshop CS3.

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