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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Connestee Falls NC 07-27-2008

After visiting Maidenhiar falls I drove down the road a few miles to Connestee Falls. I had been here once before but from the overlook you could barely see anything. This time I "figured out" a way to get down to the base of the upper portion of the falls. I don't think they want people down there so I can't recommend it to others, but it was not difficult to get down nor too dangerous. (As long as you don't get near the edge!) Across the gorge I noticed some other people at a different overlook that had a MUCH better view, but I am not sure how to get over to that side.

This shot is the upper portion of the falls, you can't see it but the overlook is at the top left of the frame behind the trees looking down on the falls.

After taking a few shots from this 'platform' I scrambled down to a lower one about 8 feet below and got this shot.

Even with a 10-20mm wide angle, I still had to back up right to the edge of the falls behind me to get this in frame, that was a bit unnerving.

For this next shot all I had to do was rotate the camera 180 degrees from the previous shot and look down. Yikes! Don't slip here! You can see the other overlook in the top right of the frame, right next to where the far cascade begins. I'd love to figure out how to get over there and get both portions of the falls in frame.

1 comment:

Duck Hunter said...

great shots as usual. I have been here twice but never ventured down because I had young children with me. Next time. . .

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