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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maidenhair Falls NC 07-27-2008

While reading through some books and searching the net for my next falls to visit I came across some info about Maidenhair Falls just south of Brevard. The Pictures I saw looked beautiful but no one listed directions to the falls since it was on private property and you had to cross private property to get to it. With the help of one website that listed the lat. and long. coords, and a topographical map and a .50 compass I headed out!

Off of 276S I found the back road that looked like it got nearest to the falls. I drove down the dirt road until I came to the end and parked along the side. Luckily I could hear running water so I figured that must be the creek the falls was on.

Walking sheepishly through someones back yard I spotted what looked to be a small trail. I followed the trail winding through the forest for a little less than a mile, crossing the creek once. This beautiful falls had a large initial drop of about 40 feet then cascaded down 2 separate landings about 15 feet wide. I was able to climb up to the first landing to get some shots. Unfortunately my timing was bad since the sun had just climbed above the trees and was shining down right on the water. This shots I got were not very good due to that so I spent about an hour sitting and wading around in the water.

I did manage to get this cool looking shot in a shaded area of the falls. I contorted the tripod about 2 inches off the ground with one leg sticking into the crevasse of the overhang and the other 2 legs splayed out on the rocks. The growth under the overhand made for an interesting HDR.

I plan on going back to this falls next weekend in the early morning before the sun gets too high, and hopefully I'll have some better shots then!

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